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Non-Emergency Medical TransportationIn Orlando

Best Medical Transportation at Your Service

You may be suffering from a medical challenge and requiring frequent or periodic medical attention such as dealing with knee surgery, hip surgery, a broken leg or moving from one medical facility to another, before or after an operation, meaning you will need specialized transportation.

Van-based Stretcher and Wheelchair ground transportation are the easiest and most convenient way for patients to travel to and from their medical appointments. ComfortRide is a leading provider of such Medical Transportation.

What We Offer

Comfort Ride has a team of professional transportation service providers that offer exceptional assistance for patients’ non-emergent visit to doctors and medical facilities of all types. Our non-emergency medical transportation service includes pick-up and drop-ff to and from clinics, rehabilitation centers, specialized treatment centers, imaging centers, diagnostic centers, laboratories, pharmacies, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and others.

Ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients are also provided for, including stretcher and wheelchair handicap transportation. At ComfortRide, all non-emergency medical transportation fleet of wheelchair accessible vans, are equipped with life-saving equipment such as an AED as well as a First Aid kit. Our drivers are all CPR certified and trained to respond in the event of such emergency. It is our priority to make sure your loved ones are taken care of while in transit to and from their medical appointments.

We provide non-emergency medical transportation services in Orlando for individuals or groups—the elderly, handicapped or disabled individuals. At times, some patients require professional and recurring medical care, such as regular clinical checkups or physical therapy in and outside of Orlando. We cater to these too.

Some of these appointments might fall during work hours, meaning the patient’s relatives may not be available to drive them to their destination, or may not have the necessary equipped vehicle to convey them to receive treatment. In these situations, Comfort Ride is a phone call away to serve you in you non-emergency medical transportation needs and make sure you don't miss any appointments.

Our Services at A Glance

Clinic transportation

For those having an appointment with their doctors but are unable to drive or walk to the clinic, we provide non-emergency medical transportation in Orlando and beyond.


For your entire laboratory schedule visitations and test, please contact us.

Stretcher transportation

Even if you can’t walk or ride on a wheelchair, we ensure you get home or to the hospital on our stretcher-equipped medical transportation van.

Wheelchair transportation

With our service, you can comfortably get around on a specialized wheelchair transportation vehicle.

Hospital discharge

We can help you to leave the hospital after an operation or treatment.

Assisted living facility

We offer transportation to and from Assisted Living Facilities as well as Nursing Homes.

Special consideration

If you have any special needs, please let us know so we can best accommodate you.

Privacy and comfort

Our staff makes your comfort our priority. If you have a request that would make your ride even more pleasant, let us know how we can help.


We offer different payments options for our clients who can pay for services using either cash, check or by debit and credit cards.
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