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Disability TransportationIn Orlando

Disabled transportation in Orlando no longer should be stressful. All your long and short distance trips can be accomplished by employing our Disability Transportation in Orlando and beyond.

Special Features and Services

ComfortRide is a unique disability transportation company providing all types of transportation for individuals with limited mobility.

Our transport services recognize the growing need for effective disability transportation services in Orlando as a way of helping the disabled elderly, service veterans, and other disabled individuals to function efficiently and be part of the daily activities in society.

Our core value is to provide the best and efficient range of support, to ensure that all disabled client committed to our care is adequately fend for and transported to their preferred destination.

All staffs and chauffeurs that make up our team have undergone high-quality and extensive training that encompasses assisting elderly and children with disabilities, knowing their specific needs at every given time, procedures for wheelchair lifting and securement, as well as vehicle safety operations.

Our priority revolves around the fact that all disabled individuals living within and outside Orlando can now request for disability transportation services to any place of their chosen. If you are planning a trip such as a visit to the doctor, or to the test lab or rehab center, our services and team of expert drivers will be on the ground to ensure you have the best trip ever.

Short trips to the hairdresser or barber, the grocery store or market, visits to family and friends, getting to lectures or religious services, everything is also covered by our services at ComfortRide.

We also offer chaperone services for plays or concerts to attend, or ceremonies like wedding, a graduation or birthday party, our personnel can look after you throughout your stay. All vehicles are fully equipped for wheelchairs accessibility and can make your journey smooth and comfortable.

Our Service at A Glance

Assisting children and elders with disability
Characterizing the form of disability

To know what may potentially occur and how to manage and handle it. We prepare for unexpected situations.

Children Special Needs

We know how to handle extreme reactions and behaviours and bring calmness to a child under stress.

Regulations and obligations

We consider the laws and statutory regulations, such as section 504 and the Disability Education Act.

Evacuation capability

What best to do during an emergency, and how to safely exit the vehicle.

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