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The Process of Reserving Non-Emergency Stretcher Transport Services

The Process of Reserving Non-Emergency Stretcher Transport Services

The Process of Reserving Non-Emergency Stretcher Transport Services


If you or your loved one require non-emergency medical transport services, it’s important to know how to reserve the proper transport. One of the most critical decisions you’ll make is which medical transportation company to use to transport bed-bound or stretcher-bound clients. Stretcher transportation services allow for easy and safe transport, minimizing the stress and discomfort for both the client and their family members. In this blog, we’ll discuss the essential steps to reserving non-emergency stretcher transportation services for Orlando, FL area residents.


Step 1: Search for a Reputable Medical Transportation Company 

The primary thing to do when searching for a non-emergency stretcher transport service is to look for an experienced and reputable medical transportation company. You can check out the websites of medical transportation companies or look on Yelp or Google for reviews or recommendations from previous clients. By using a reputable company with positive feedback, you can rest assured that they’ll provide a safe and professional transport service.

Step 2: Book an Appointment in Advance

After selecting a medical transportation service, the next step is to book an appointment in advance. This step is crucial because it will ensure that the stretcher transportation service will be available when you need it. Also, by scheduling transportation in advance, you can plan your trip accordingly, and it will lessen the stress of unexpected delays.

Step 3: Provide Detailed Information About The Patient

When booking the appointment, you’ll need to provide detailed information about the patient. The information required may include the patient’s name, age, weight, medical history, the destination they are going to, and any special needs they may have. Providing accurate and detailed information about the patient is essential because it allows the medical transportation team to prepare adequately for your trip, ensuring that the client receives the best possible care and that the entire process proceeds as smoothly as possible.

Step 4: Arrange Payment & Insurance Information 

It’s essential to know the payment and insurance details and transportation costs of the service provider before booking an appointment. When you plan an appointment, make sure you ask about the total costs for the service and any additional services required such as oxygen. If needed, try to obtain information on financing options, health insurance policies, Medicaid, or Medicare options that may cover the patient’s transportation. With this information, you can make accurate cost projections for your transportation.

Step 5: Review and Confirm Appointment Details 

Before the day of the scheduled transport, it’s essential to confirm all appointment details with the transportation company. Reconfirm important details such as pick-up time, the destination, seats for passengers and caregivers, patient information, and cost-related agreements. Upon confirmation, you can relax and focus on other important matters, knowing that your transport service is in good hands.



By following these critical steps in reserving a non-emergency stretcher transport service, you’ll ensure that your loved one sttays safe and comfortable as they get to their destination. Comfort Ride Transportation understands the importance of safe, comfortable, and reliable medical transportation services and is dedicated to providing quality transportation solutions. If you need medical transportation service in Orlando, FL, contact us today to schedule an appointment and let us handle your bed, stretcher, or wheelchair-bound patient transportation.