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Helpful Tips For Booking a Wheelchair Transportation Service in Orlando

Helpful Tips For Booking a Wheelchair Transportation Service in Orlando

Helpful Tips For Booking a Wheelchair Transportation Service in Orlando

Booking wheelchair-accessible transportation for appointments, picking up supplies, or any goal might seem daunting. Your voyage can be easy if you consider a few elements:

Double Check Your Appointment

It's vital that you review the date and time of your appointment again before you book with a transportation service. You might end up booking with one on the incorrect date, having to wield time and effort to board the automobile with a wheelchair. Also, ensure that you're booking your non-emergency medical transportation on the correct date, as well.

Make Your Needs Clear

To guarantee all of your needs are provided for, make sure to furnish the size and dimensions of your wheelchair or electric scooter. It is essential that your transportation has the capability to suit your individual needs.

Safe Automobiles

Make sure to work with a business that has a track record of dependable and well-maintained automobiles. During the current Covid-19 health crisis, what are they doing to support drivers' and passengers' safety?

Our vehicles are GPS-tracked and have a multi-sensor surveillance camera inside. These special cameras gauge our drivers' performance in real time. This holds our motorists to a high standard, helping us supply you with a safe and comfortable passage.

In response to expanded risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have raised our safety and sanitation standards to provide the best transportation to our wheelchair community.

Trustworthy Drivers

Evaluate the drivers that are going to be responsible for getting you to and from a destination. Trust drivers that are specially qualified and certified to deliver accessible transportation for special populations.

Unlike most transportation providers, every one of our drivers is considerably trained, and background checked. We require many different kinds of certifications, background checks, and licenses, including School Bus Driver Certifications, CPR And First Aid Certifications, Federal and State Background Reviews, Random Drug Screenings, and regular physicals. They're highly trained to help you into our wheelchair accessible automobiles and to see that you're securely fastened in. They're also trained in CPR, First Aid, and in caring for individuals with special needs.

Understand the Costs

Transparency is vital when it comes to how much you're required to pay. Make sure the business you work with doesn't have hidden fees that creep up on you. Our service uses a pay in advance system, which means there are never any hidden fees. In addition, we offer several different methods to pay for your trip for your convenience.

These are a few helpful tips for booking your trip with a transportation service in Orlando. Be sure to practice them to avoid any headaches or issues with your accessible transportation services. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns, as we are committed to providing you with the best customer service available in the transportation industry. We look forward to seeing you soon!