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Six Tips to Tell Your Elderly Loved Ones to Give Up Their Keys

Six Tips to Tell Your Elderly Loved Ones to Give Up Their Keys

Six Tips to Tell Your Elderly Loved Ones to Give Up Their Keys

Are you wondering how you will talk to your older loved ones to tell them it may be time to retire from driving?  As a responsible family member, you may want to have these conversations to ensure they stay healthy and safe.  Whether they are suffering from an illness or suffering from the effects of old age, you may want to talk to them about giving up their keys.  These are a few tips to help you tell your loved ones that it is time for them to stop driving.

Sit Down and Talk

Having this conversation may be difficult.  You can expect them to be resistant, stubborn, or even angry with you for taking away their independence.  Even though it is for their overall safety, they may not understand that right away.  When you have this conversation, sit down and give time to discuss it wholeheartedly.

Give Them the Transportation Options

When you sit down to discuss their future travelling, you need to have a few plans for them.  Are you going to be hiring a personal driver?  Does your community offer free public transportation for seniors?  Is your caregiver available to drive them around?  Whether you take care of their errands or you have a quality disabled transportation service in Orlando, Florida, you will want them to know about this.

Be Compassionate

Although you will want them to hear your concerns, you want to give them the space to talk about their feelings, reactions, and emotions too.  When they voice their concerns, you need to be empathetic and understand where they are coming from.  It can be difficult to live independently for your entire life only to have that taken away from you.  Listen to them and respond with empathy and compassion.

Ask for Their Doctor’s Help

Work with the doctor to make sure that they are doing the best thing for their health and safety.  Their doctor will be able to advise you on what to do or say when they are resisting change, and they will support you if you need to bring your loved ones in for discussions as well.

Support Them

When they adjust to live without their car, they may go through feelings of sadness and isolation.  They may even become resentful at their situation.  Although you will want to stay strong through this time, you should be there to support them and let them know that they are not going to be alone or stuck at their house.  Visit them frequently, take them out for meals, and spend time with them to take their minds off their situations.

Get a Reliable Transportation Company

These are all a few tips you should follow when you need to tell your loved ones that they should stop driving.  Trusting a reliable disabled transportation service in Orlando, Florida to help you with these concerns can also help.  Contact Comfort Ride Transportation to book your reservations with us today.