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How to Stay Safe When You Still Need to Go Places

How to Stay Safe When You Still Need to Go Places

How to Stay Safe When You Still Need to Go Places

Are you struggling to find balance between when you need to leave the house and when you should stay home?  Do you still need to attend important appointments or fill your home with groceries?  During this time, it can be difficult to resume our normal activities and go where ever we want because of the threat of coronavirus.  However, when it comes to matters of health, you may still need to get around.  As a quality handicap transportation service in Orlando, FL, we help many individuals get to where they need to go.  When you travel with us, we recommend you follow these tips to ensure your own safety when you still need to get out and about.

Wear a Mask

When you are in common areas that have more than one person, you should wear your face mask.  This will protect others from your germs, which can actually prevent the spread of disease like COVID-19.  When you need to go to the store, visit the doctor, or receive certain treatments, you should always wear your mask or face shield for protection.

Avoid Peak Times

If you have noticed that the grocery store or the doctor's office is more crowded during particular times of the day, adjust your schedule so that you can avoid going during peak hours.  Avoiding crowds is another line of defense that you can use to stay safe from the spread of disease.  If you can, take advantage of the reserved hours for senior or immunocompromised individuals that can shop when the stores are only open for their business.

Touch Fewer Surfaces

Whenever you can avoid touching common surfaces, you should.  You should avoid touching doorknobs, stair railings, chair rails, elevator buttons, and door handles whenever you can.  Although sometimes you need to touch these surfaces, you will want to thoroughly wash your hands after each time you do.  Be conscious of avoiding these high-touch surfaces so that you lower your risk of bringing home any germs.

Keep Your Space

Instead of pushing yourself to get on the elevator with other people, waiting in long lines, or sitting next to others on benches or in waiting rooms, you should keep your distance and wait your turn.  Avoid getting too close and remember to maintain a six-foot distance between yourself and others to decrease your risks.  Take time to slow down your normal pace of life, and you will likely adjust to having to wait until people leave a certain area to enter.  

Avoid Crowds

Anytime you know that a particular area or event is going to be busy, you should avoid going.  Crowded areas can create many safety hazards that can lead to the spread of infection, as many people may not be able to stand six-feet apart in crowded spaces.  If you need to get out, make sure you do it when you know that it won't be busy.

By following these tips, you can take the right steps to stay safe during the pandemic even if you still need to get around.  If you have a necessary medical appointment or grocery run you need to make, contact us for a quality handicap transportation service in Orlando, FL today.