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Reasons Why You May Need Medical Transportation

Reasons Why You May Need Medical Transportation

Reasons Why You May Need Medical Transportation

Many people may be unaware that there is a service that is just for those in need of medical transportation.  Instead, they may pick up the phone to call their friends and family, in which they will be in store for an uncomfortable drive to and from the hospital, physical therapy, or the doctor's office.  There is, in fact, a way to ride more comfortably when you are traveling for medical reasons.  A medical transportation service in Orlando, Florida helps many customers with medical needs get safely to their destination.  There are a few common reasons why people often need medical transportation to get around.

Doctor's Appointments

One of the most common needs for medical transportation is for doctor's appointments.  Many people request our services so they can travel in comfort from their home to their doctor's office.  Most of the customers that use our services to visit their doctor are medically weak, elderly, or are going for an outpatient procedure that will compromise their ability to drive or travel in a typical vehicle.


Many of our customers require being taken to and from dialysis when they are suffering from kidney failure.  Dialysis treatment is required on a regular basis, and it takes about four hours per each session.  This often requires medical transportation, as patients can be travelling in a wheelchair or even by ambulance when they go to a dialysis center.

Going Home From Hospital

Many patients request medical transportation when they are going home from the hospital after a surgery or other medical procedure.  Often times, it can be difficult for the patient to move around, sit up, or even walk after surgery.  Once they are cleared to go home or to another facility, they are eager to leave the hospital.  These patients will typically call us to come pick them up and safely get them home.  

Transfer to a New Medical Facility

When doctor's determine that the course of treatment for a patient requires them to transfer to another medical facility, they typically call for medical transport.  This can involve moving a patient from one hospital to another, or even from a hospital to a rehabilitation facility.  Many patients are not physically capable of getting out of bed or out of a chair, so they require the additional assistance and resources that are found in our vehicles.

These are some common reasons why people find themselves in need of medical transportation services in Orlando, Florida.  Instead of suffering through an uncomfortable car ride in a crammed car or taking public transportation to get around, you will want to look into medical transportation.  This will give you a comfortable and safe ride to where ever you need to go in order to get the treatment you deserve.  Contact us today to hear about our quality medical transportation services.