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How to Prepare for an Orlando Theme Park Vacation with a Wheelchair

How to Prepare for an Orlando Theme Park Vacation with a Wheelchair

How to Prepare for an Orlando Theme Park Vacation with a Wheelchair

Are you planning a trip to visit some of Orlando's most popular theme parks?  Do you or someone you are traveling with require wheelchair accessibility?  If so, there are a few things you'll need to know about travelling with a wheelchair at theme parks.  Here are a few tips on how you can prepare for an Orlando theme park vacation with a wheelchair.


You'll need to arrange wheelchair transportation services in Orlando for your visit.  There are a few different options to consider, but you'll want to choose a company with a reliable and trustworthy reputation.  Our team at Comfort Ride Transportation offers the most comfortable and reliable transportation for the whole family.  You'll want to book with us for your trip to make those rides to the amusement park even more enjoyable!


Do you need to rent any other equipment when you are here on your vacation?  If your wheelchair accessible family member requires additional medical equipment, you can consider renting it instead of lugging it all the way from home.  This can be a hassle on an airplane.  Wheelchairs can also be rented when you are travelling to make it easier for you if this is what you choose.

Theme Park Rides

Most likely, you are travelling to see the Orlando theme parks to ride the amusement rides.  This will require some research into what you need to do to prepare yourself for these rides.  Some parks, like Disney, will have you book certain times to come to the ride so they can accommodate you.  This will also prevent you from having to wait in line.  Write down a list of rides you want to go on, and then do some research or talk to a park representative about these arrangements in advance.

Hotel Accessibility

Hotel accessibility is critical in making sure you are comfortable during your stay in Orlando.  Speak with the hotel manager or receptionist to ensure that your room has wheelchair accessibility.  Discuss with them any particular things you'll need to know before booking with them.  Ask about their room policies, accessibility amenities, parking arrangements (if needed), and more.  By asking questions and raising your concerns in advance, you'll avoid missing out on any great experiences when you are actually on vacation.  Contacting the hotel beforehand will give you a smooth and enjoyable visit!

These are just a few things you need to do to prepare for an Orlando theme park vacation with a wheelchair.  If you follow these tips, you'll be able to have a family fun vacation full of memories.  There won't be any worrying for your wheelchair accessibility.  If you are in need of the best wheelchair transportation service in Orlando, contact us today to schedule your ride.