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Facts about the Accessibility at Disney World

Facts about the Accessibility at Disney World

Facts about the Accessibility at Disney World

Disney World is a bustling Florida theme park that welcomes millions of visitors each and every year.  Disney World makes many accommodations for disabled visitors that require medical equipment or wheelchairs.  Everyone can truly have a magical experience when they visit Disney.  When you are in need of a wheelchair transportation service in Orlando to help you and your family travel from the airport to the theme park, you want to trust the best.  Our service is committed to getting you comfortably and safely to Disney, providing you with tips along the way.  Here are a few facts about the accessibility at Disney World in Orlando.

The Guest Assistance Program Is Here To Help

At Disney World, they welcome any and all guests, no matter their abilities, to enjoy the magic of their parks.  The Guest Assistance Program is designed to help guests with special accommodations when they are visiting the park.  This provides access to attractions for guests with disabilities and controls abuse, which is unfortunately growing at an alarming rate.

They Offer a Disability Access Service Card

The Disability Access Service (DAS) is used for guests that are unable to wait in a traditional queue environment due to a disability.  This card provides guests with a return time based on the current wait time at the attractions.  This allows all guests to enjoy the park.  As soon as they are finished on one ride, they are then able to go to another one and receive another return time.  With a DAS card, they will have the ability to do this throughout the entire Disney World experience.

They Offer a Range of Special Services

The Disney theme parks also offer guests with any information they need to enhance their experience.  They offer assistive listening, including captioning and audio description.  This allows those with hearing impairs to enjoy their day spent at the park.  Also, they offer a manual to guide those with cognitive disabilities through their Disney experience.  This guide is available at the Guest Relations

They Have Alternate Attraction Entrances

At Disney, they have ADA-compliant attractions that aim to serve the population who requires the assistance of a wheelchair or scooter.  Many of their attractions have queue lines that are big enough to fit this type of accommodation.  Often times, those with wheelchair or scooter needs can use an alternative entrance to view or ride the attraction.  This makes it easier for those with special needs to navigate through the park.

These are just a few facts about the accessibility for disabled visitors that wish to see the magical and popular Disney theme parks.  Travelling with our wheelchair transportation service in Orlando will make your trip both easier and more comfortable.  If you are taking a trip to Orlando and need wheelchair service, contact us to discuss your options today.  We will work with you to provide you with your transportation needs to meet your itinerary and make your trip to Disney even more memorable.