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Why to Trust Comfort Ride with Your Transportation Needs

Why to Trust Comfort Ride with Your Transportation Needs

Why to Trust Comfort Ride with Your Transportation Needs

Whether your family is on vacation and in need of special needs transportation for a wheelchair or you are in need of medical transportation to come home from the hospital, you want to hire the expert services of Comfort Ride Transportation.  At Comfort Ride, we offer our customers a comfortable and reliable disabled transportation in Orlando.  There are many reasons why you should trust Comfort Ride with your transportation needs while you are in Orlando.

We are Insured and CPR Certified

We are proud to be an insured vendor in the state of Florida.  This gives us a professional reputation that stands above competitors.   All of our drivers are also CPR trained, which gives you the peace of mind that you will safely get to your destination.  Our vehicles are all equipped with ramps or lifts to help make your ride more comfortable and efficient.  Enjoy your ride and let your insured and certified driver take care of getting you there safely.

We Offer a Range of Services

We offer services for almost any transportation need.  We offer disabled veterans an opportunity to run their errands, tourists the opportunity to easily see parts of Orlando on their vacation, and workers' compensation transportation for those who cannot drive to work.  No matter your needs, we will likely have a service that can meet them.  If you are on vacation and need a disabled transportation service in Orlando, we will be able to pick you up at the airport and take you to your location.

We Fit Many Riders

Our vehicles are larger sized and can fit groups of up to ten people.  This makes it easy for families to stay together when they are vacationing to many of Orlando's attractions.  It also helps curb costs of having to pay for an additional vehicle when you are in need of transportation.  Another added benefit of riding with Comfort Ride is that your caregivers and family will ride for free.  We want our riders to feel comfortable as they ride in our vehicles, and we make it stress-free from them to book with us.  Our affordable services can start your vacation on the right foot.

We Aim for Customer Satisfaction

At Comfort Ride Transportation, we help to give our customers the freedom of mobility no matter their life situation.  Our drivers are trained experts to help make your life easier.  As you drive to the grocery store, to your doctor's appointments, or to Disneyland, you can trust that you will get there safely when you ride with us.  We provide you with reliable, safe, and comfortable transportation.

We are a trusted disabled transportation service in Orlando that will help make your vacation or every life much simpler.  Contact us today to schedule a ride for the next time you are in Orlando.