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Visiting Walt Disney World as a Wheelchair User

Visiting Walt Disney World as a Wheelchair User

Visiting Walt Disney World as a Wheelchair User

Walt Disney World endorses people of all ability levels coming to visit them and Disney’s other properties in Orlando. Visitors are encouraged to arrange for a wheelchair transportation service in Orlando to help them get to the park comfortably and safely. Then, they are encouraged to head to guest relations to get Disney’s special guide to exploring Walt Disney World with a mobility disability.


Choose Your Rides

Disney encourages users to use the fast pass system wherever it is available. There are many different rides at Disney where you can stay in your wheelchair or your electric scooter. These include:

  • Jungle Cruise

    This comedic pretend cruise has you sailing across Africa, Asia, and South America

  • Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room

    This musical extravagant features lots of tropical birds.

  • Country Bear Jamboree

    Join a cast of singing bears as they sing country and western favorites.

  • Raft to Tom Sawyer Island

    Inspired by the adventures of Tom Sawyer, this adventure has you riding on a log raft.

  • The Hall of Presidents

    Watch a film about the founding of the U.S. before seeing and hearing audio-animatronics replicas of the 44 U.S. presidents.

  • Liberty Square Riverboat

    This 17-minute ride features many historical reenactments including a historic fort, a mill, and a Native American village.

  • Mickey's PhilharMagic®

    Enjoy a three-dimensional concert starring many of your favorite Disney characters.

  • Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress

    Enjoy a production showcasing how technology has changed America over its entire history in a revolving theater.

  • Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor®

    See all your favorite characters from Monsters Inc. in this interactive comedy presentation.


There are many other rides at Walt Disney that people who are more mobile can participate in. The staff can stop or slow rides to help guests get on and even offer an arm for assistance. They are not allowed, however, to lift someone onto a ride, but those with the individual can do so in many cases.


Family-friendly Restrooms

Those who need help in the restroom find many family-friendly restrooms at Disney World. These restrooms are large enough that a person in a wheelchair can easily use the facility even if they need help from someone else. These restrooms locations include:

  • The lower level of Cinderella's Royal Table
  • Near the Pirates of the Caribbean ride
  • Rockettower Plaza Stage near Space Mountain
  • New Fantasyland Railroad Station
  • Pinocchio Village Haus
  • Behind Gaston’s Tavern in the Enchanted Forest
  • Near the East Gate in the Transportation and Ticket Center


Dining at Walt Disney World

If you cannot transfer out of your wheelchair, then make sure to let guest services know when you make your dining reservation. All restaurants can handle wheelchairs.


Walt Disney World is a great place to visit if you use a wheelchair. Make your visit even better by arranging for wheelchair transportation service in Orlando before you leave home. The well-trained staff at Comfort Ride Transportation. This wheelchair transportation in Orlando can be reached by calling (321)804-5233. Up to four people ride in these luxurious wheelchair-equipped vans for the price of one.