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Vacation Planning Tips for Oxygen Users

Vacation Planning Tips for Oxygen Users

Vacation Planning Tips for Oxygen Users

While you may want to discuss your trip with your primary care physician, the fact that you are on oxygen does not need to prevent you from taking a trip in many cases. You will need to think ahead, however, to provide for your oxygen needs while you travel. You may also need paperwork from the government or the government, so planning is essential.

Airplane Travel on Oxygen

Even some people who do not need oxygen usually at home may require oxygen when they fly because of atmospheric conditions and changes in cabin pressure. The Federal Aviation Administration does not allow people to fly with liquid oxygen or their own oxygen tanks. You will be allowed to use a Department of Transportation approved battery-powered portable oxygen concentrator during your flight. Most operate on 12 cell batteries, so make sure that you bring enough batteries along for 150 % of your expected flight time. Some airlines provide this service while others charge an additional fee that can vary significantly based on your airline, so it is best to check around before you buy your airline tickets. Almost no airline provides ground oxygen, so if you have a layover, you need to make sure that you have that covered by working with a local provider.

Cruise Ships on Oxygen

Almost all cruise lines allow you to bring oxygen concentrators onboard, but it is best to check with your individual cruise line as some require a prescription from your doctor before they will allow you to travel. Most cruise lines encourage you to arrange for the oxygen concentrator yourself while others provide you will make the arrangements for you. On Carnival cruises, you must hand-carry your oxygen, and you must call ahead to be given port clearance and to arrange for storage while at sea. The same guidelines apply to Royal Caribbean, but you must also contact them about your shore excursions to make sure that you have oxygen available while on land. Norwegian Cruise Lines requires that you arrange with Special Needs at Sea for your oxygen needs. Disney Cruise Lines allows you to hand-carry two cylinders per stateroom onboard their ships, and if you are staying in a Disney resort, then you can only bring one cylinder on the provided ground transportation, or you will need to make your own arrangements.

Ground Transportation on Oxygen

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