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Smoothing Out the Transaction From Hospital to Home

Smoothing Out the Transaction From Hospital to Home

Smoothing Out the Transaction From Hospital to Home

If the doctor has just told you or a loved one that you will be spending time using a wheelchair, then transitioning between the hospital and home can be filled with unknowns. You may not feel well, and not being able to walk anymore often makes you feel helpless. There are several things that you need to prepare before you sign the discharge papers.  

Physical Environment

In many cases, you will need to get someone to remodel your home quickly. If you have steps leading into your home, then a ramp will need to be built. If you have steps inside your home, you will either need to have a stairlift installed or have someone move your bedroom to the first floor. The bathroom can also be problematic. In most cases, you will need a roll-under lavatory installed, and you may need an extension put on the commode. You will probably also need a shower chair and a handheld shower. Even if your bedroom can remain in its current location, you may need someone to rearrange it so that it is wheelchair friendly. Someone may need to move your clothes so that you can easily reach them from a seated position.  


While some people are very successful at living by themselves in a wheelchair, you will probably need to arrange for home health care. The chances are that you will need to meet with Medicare or insurance representatives who will determine the number of hours of care you can receive weekly. Then, you will need to call a home health agency to set up a worker to come to your home or find and hire someone on your own. Additionally, you may need to arrange for home health care by specialists. These might include physical therapy, occupational therapy, nurses, and speech pathologists.  

Emotional Support

If this is the first time in a wheelchair, then life can seem very frustrating. You need to develop an emotional support system that you can connect to regularly. Obtaining games or other activities that you and your friends can do while seated can help your days go by much more quickly.  


Before your discharge, you need to know what medicines you will be taking at home. If often helps to arrange for your drugs to be delivered to your home by the pharmacy. Otherwise, you need to find someone responsible for arranging to pick up your medicine regularly or mail order it into your home.  

While you are taking care of all these things and adjusting to life in a wheelchair, you also need to arrange for wheelchair transportation services in Orlando. Thankfully, that part is easy. Just call Comfort Ride Transportation. This wheelchair transportation service in Orlando will make your transition home a smooth ride.