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Enjoying Orlando’s Top 4 Attractions While in a Wheelchair

Enjoying Orlando’s Top 4 Attractions While in a Wheelchair

Enjoying Orlando’s Top 4 Attractions While in a Wheelchair

If you are a resident of Orlando who uses a wheelchair or are visiting from out of town, here are some favorite Orlando attractions that are wheelchair friendly.


Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

It is easy to visit Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom if you use a wheelchair. Each first aid station has a companion restroom. Most rides can be slowed or stopped to allow extra time for getting on. While cast members are not allowed to lift you, if you are able to pivot, they can offer a steady arm. Service animals are welcome at the park if they are on a leash or in a harness.


Universal Studios Island of Adventure

Most attractions at Universal Studios are accessible, but the user may need to be able to transfer. If your child’s stroller doubles as their wheelchair, then let guest services know as many areas are not normally stroller friendly. All restaurants are equipped to serve those in a wheelchair, but some users report the fast-food in the Harry Potter area can be tricky to navigate. All shows, including the parade, have areas marked off where you can watch from your wheelchair. There are companion restrooms at every first aid station. Service animals are warmly welcomed.



Epcot is very wheelchair friendly, but there are some tips you will want to keep in mind. When you visit Spaceship Earth, you enter through the exit. Make sure a cast member knows you need the ADA compliant car at the rear of the ride. You can even stay in your wheelchair for the rides at Ellen’s Energy Adventure and The Seas with Nemo and Friends. At Mission: Space, one of the vehicles has a bench, which can make transferring easier. The Soarin’ ride requires transferring to their ride vehicle, and the seat in it is a little higher than most wheelchairs. There are armrests on both sides that should make this process easier.


SeaWorld Orlando

Most of SeaWorld Orlando is easily accessible for people in wheelchairs. The exception is that most dining options are cafeteria style and the walkways can get very narrow. Consider dining at Sea Port Pizza where a special wheelchair-accessible window is available or at Sharks Underwater Grill where full-service dining is available. Otherwise, ask a crew member for help as most are more than willing to assist. All theaters are Americans with Disability Act compliant and most rides are accessible.


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