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Common Reasons You May Need Medical Transportation

Common Reasons You May Need Medical Transportation

Common Reasons You May Need Medical Transportation

Are you suffering from a medical challenge that hinders your ability to drive?  Are you recovering from a recent surgery that inhibits your mobility and stops you from easily getting around?   You may be in need of non-emergent medical transportation in order to fulfill basic daily tasks like running errands or getting to appointments.  As a medical transportation service in Orlando, Florida, we aim to help our clients keep normalcy in their lives by helping them easily get around to where they need to go.  There are a few common reasons why you may be in need of non-emergent medical transportation.

Doctor's Appointments

When you are having difficulty driving to and from your doctor's appointments, you can contact medical transportation services to help you.  Simply tell them your reasons and set up a schedule with them to help ensure that you make it to all of your appointments on time.


Dialysis patients are common clients using our transportation services.  Many of our clients set up their schedule in advance so they can rest assured knowing that they will be able to receive their kidney treatments each and every week.

Wheelchair Transportation

Many vehicles are unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.  However, medical transportation services in Orlando, Florida offer wheelchair accessible vehicles that ensure the safety of our passengers.  Many times, we will assist our clients in wheelchairs when they are travelling to and from airports or hotels, or when they want to travel around during their vacation.  

Hospital Discharge

After patients have been discharged from a hospital stay, they are often times weary and cannot drive.  This calls for a medical transportation service.  We can be trusted to pick you up, provide you with a comfortable ride, and safely take you to the comforts of your own home after a short (or long) stay at a hospital.

Assisted Living Facility Transfer

When it is recommended that a patient go from the hospital to an assisted living facility, they will often require medical transportation services.  They will likely be transported using a stretcher, and our vehicles are equipped to properly and safely move them from one facility to the other.  We can also be called to a patient's home in order to help them safely move to an assisted living facility.  

Special Needs

Patients with special needs require accommodations that typically can't be met by traditional vehicles.  Our vehicles come equipped with many different ways to restrain or safely secure those with special needs.  

If you find yourself in one of the above scenarios, you may be in need of medical transportation so that you can still accomplish daily tasks and jobs.  Contact our medical transportation service in Orlando, Florida today to receive reliable, quality transportation services.